Remember Jimmy Nicol? He was once a Beatle!

The sons of rocker Roy Orbison and actor George Hamilton have purchased the rights to bring the story of obscure substitute Beatles drummer Jimmy Nicol to the big screen. Alex Orbison, representing Roy's Boys Films, and Ashley Hamilton for his own 449 Productions, scooped up the film rights to author Jim Berkenstadt's biography of Nicol, titled, The Beatle Who Vanished.

Billboard reported, "After a rehearsal with the group, (Jimmy Nicol) made his first formal appearance with them (on) June 4th at K.B. Hallen in Copenhagen, Denmark. During his almost two weeks with the group, he performed with them in 10 concerts at five venues, a TV show at Hilversum, Holland, appeared at press conferences and made public appearances as a Beatle. Besides Copenhagen, his concert performances were in Blokker, Holland; Hong Kong; and finally Adelaide, Australia, where he played his final Beatles shows. Afterward, he was given a check for 500 (British pounds), presented with a watch and dropped off at the airport. His time as a Beatle was over."

  • Nicol went on to stay a professional drummer -- and even drummed for Peter & Gordon -- but eventually became notable for the lack of knowledge regarding his whereabouts.
  • Ashley Hamilton said that he was interested in buying the rights as soon as he got wind of Jimmy Nicol's unique tale: "I hear a lot of stories and this one grabbed me from the beginning. Everyone grows up wanting to be the president or a Beatle, but for 13 days! That has to crush one's soul. It's really the age old question -- is it better to have never been or for 13 days?"
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