Big 95 Birthday spotlight: Elvis Presley

ELVIS PRESLEY:  Remembering The King on his 83rd birthday

Elvis Aaron Presley was born in Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935.  Elvis and his family relocated to Memphis when he was 13 years old.

Elvis' music career began in earnest in 1954, when he recorded a song with producer Sam Phillips at the legendary Sun Records studio in Memphis.  RCA Victor acquired Elvis' recording contract in a deal that was arranged by Colonel Tom Parker

His first single with RCA was "Heartbreak Hotel," which was released in January, 1956 and hit skyrocketed to #1 in the U.S.  A young Elvis would go on to make numerous TV appearances, including The Ed Sullivan Show, which would lead to more chart topping records and eventually movies.

All of that together would go on to lead Elvis Presley being regarded as the #1 pop icon of the 20th century.  He truly achieved mythical status.  Elvis' first movie was Love Me Tender in 1956.  In 1958, he was drafted into military service and spent some time at Fort Hood, during which time Elvis visited Waco and enjoyed dining at old Elite Cafe.  

Following a seven year hiatus, Elvis returned to the stage in a 1968 critically acclaimed comeback special simply called Elvis.  In 1973, he followed that up with the first globally telecast concert via satellite with his legendary Aloha From Hawaii special.  

Elvis Presley suffered a heart attack on August 16, 1977 and passed away as a result.  That day brought an end to one of the most amazing careers in popular music history.  Elvis truly gained mythical status following his death and he Graceland estate and music still generates millions of dollars to this very day.  

We're remembering The King on his 83rd birthday.

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