Cops write guy 'get out of work' note for icy roads

Seguin cops help this guy get out of going to work in the snow and ice this week

Parts of Texas experienced some extreme winter weather this week, which created hazardous conditions on the roads. Icy roads made things very dangerous in Seguin so police did everything necessary to keep drivers off the roads -- even going so far as to write someone a note explaining why he had to stay home from work.

The Seguin Police Department warned residents on Facebook about the hazardous road conditions and said only "essential services" employees are allowed to drive. But one resident named Justin Garcia was concerned about missing a day of work and half-jokingly asked, "Can y'all write me a note for work?"

Much to his surprise, the department was happy to oblige. They wrote, "Dear Justin's Boss, The roads are bad and are going to get worse. Much worse. Please let him stay home, warm and safe and enjoy some Hulu or some cool shows on Netflix. And, he needs a raise. He rocks."

The note worked. Garcia later commented that he was given the day off. (

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