Michael McDonald not invited to Doobie Brothers tour yet

MICHAEL McDONALD:  No tour invitation yet

Michael McDonald has yet to be invited to this summer's Steely Dan - Doobie Brothers tour.

A member of both bands during the 1970s, he tells New York's Long Island Weekly, "I haven’t been approached about any of those dates... For the Doobies, I think it’s important to put it out there what they are at this point and time, which is one of the all-time great rock and roll bands, and they sound better than ever at this point. In the meantime, they’re knocking it out of the park every night."

A musician and backup singer on three Steely Dan albums, the St. Louis native adds, "I know Donald[Fagen] is always going to have a great band, it’s always going to sound good. I know it’s been difficult for him since Walter [Becker] passed. But musically, Donald is a very capable guy on stage. I wish him the best."

McDonald clearly has left the door open, as he closes, "Any chance I get to play with either one of those [acts], I always jump at it."

MICHAEL McDONALD:  The #MeToo movement is long overdue

Lionel Richie knows the secret to his decades-long popularity. He tells Australian TV's A Current Affair, "I found a subject that does not go out of style. It's called love."

Promoting his upcoming tour down under, the father of two daughters turns serious on the subject of the #MeToo movement. Lionel calls it "long overdue" and adds, "Women have been silent for too long, but who were they going to complain to? We had a society that wouldn't listen."

Richie admits being "uncomfortable with the idea that somebody might be 'wiped out' by an accusation... But overall, I think it's best now that we go forward and find some middle ground."

CHRIS HILLMAN:  Peforming Tom Petty's  "Wildflowers"

An official clip has been posted of Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers founding member Chris Hillman performing Tom Petty's "Wildflowers" at the Troubadour in L.A. last October 23rd. The song closed Hillman's recent solo album, Bidin' My Time, which was produced by Petty -- and Tom had been expected to guest at the show before his sudden death on October 2nd. 

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