Def Leppard's Joe Elliott knows what he wants at his funeral

DEF LEPPARD:  Joe Elliott knows what he wants played at his funeral

If you're wondering what songs Def Leppard front man Joe Elliott wants played at his funeral, well, you only have to ask.

In the inaugural Music and Me podcast, host Kylie Olsson did just that and Elliott was ready with the answers. No surprise that two of the three were Mott the Hoople songs -- after all, his side project Down 'n' Outz is a Mott cover band. He picked their biggest hit, "All the Young Dudes," and one that seemed entirely appropriate for the occasion, "Rest in Peace," which he called, "an obvious choice, but...a great song," and said he "might even record [his] own version" for them to play.

The other song is "Anthem," by the Scotland's Sensational Alex Harvey Band, whose leader passed away in 1982. Elliott says that with the song's drum rolls and bagpipes, it "sounds like a great song to see my ashes blow off into the distance — hopefully in quite a few years' time." (Blabbermouth)

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