Simon & Garfunkel split largely because of Art's acting career

SIMON & GARFUNKEL:  Did duo split up because of Art's acting career?

While film director Mike Nichols opened a new chapter in Simon and Garfunkel's career, he also helped to drive the duo apart.

In his upcoming book Paul Simon: The Life, former L.A. Times music critic Robert Hilburn explains how a big break actually turned sour.

Simon's offer to score Nichols' 1967 film The Graduate, which included "Mrs. Robinson," helped cement Simon and Garfunkel as superstars. But then in 1969, Garfunkel acted in Nichols' Catch-22. But a part originally created for Simon was cut just before production.

Tensions grew worse when the production ran over and held up work on the duo's Bridge Over Troubled Wateralbum.  Months later, Simon "became more incensed" when Garfunkel agreed to act in another Nichols movie, Carnal Knowledge. (Daily Mail)

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