Prince's ex-wife denies Sinead's drug claims

PRINCE:  Ex-wife denies Sinead O'Connor's drug claims

Prince's ex-wife is shooting down Sinead O'Connor's claims that he abused drugs and was violent toward women.

Mayte Garcia, who was married to Prince for about four years in the '90s, tells TMZ she never saw him use hard drugs or be abusive to anyone. In a recently-released interview that was conducted 11 days after Prince's 2016 death, O'Connor told police that he used "hard drugs" and was "extremely violent" toward women, including herself.

Garcia says she doesn't believe O'Connor even had a close relationship with Prince and suggests she only made the claims because Prince was dead and couldn't defend himself. Although she never saw Prince use any hard drugs, Garcia admits she was surprised to learn that he had a large stash of pills. 

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