Denny Laine says Wings not right for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

WINGS:  Denny Laine says band is not right for the Rock Hall

Denny Laine, the only member of Wings to stick it out from beginning to end with Paul and Linda McCartney, says the band does not belong in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Speaking to the Austin Chronicle, Laine, who was just inducted as a founding member of The Moody Blues, says, "Wings was never a band. I’m sorry, it wasn’t. It was a Paul McCartney project... We weren’t like the Moody Blues, all equal members. It was Paul’s band. That’s the end of it... That’s why he got inducted as an individual artist. Wings is part of his induction, separately to the Beatles, actually."

Commenting on his own induction, Laine says, "I thought [the Moodies] should have been in years ago, not necessarily with me, but just as the band that they are now. I thought they deserved to be in because of their popularity. In some ways, if I hadn’t left, they wouldn’t have got so popular. I did them a favor."

Moodies bassist John Lodge posted a video of himself receiving his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame trophy at home in England. And drummer Graeme Edge says, “Well, it’s all done now and what a weekend it was. Once again, thanks to all of you for your support and love. When I get the award from the Rock Hall I will photo it for you all to share [as] you deserve it."

Highlights of this year's induction ceremony will air on HBO this Saturday at 7 pm (Central).

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KISS:  Major tour on the way in 2019

KISS are getting ready to hit the road in a big way -- but not until next year.

Singer-guitarist Paul Stanley spoke aat last week's ASCAP Pop Music Awards, and he gave  this rundown of his activities in the coming months.

“About six art shows coming up in the next eight or nine months, one next week, and other than that KISS goes and does some headline festivals in Spain and Portugal in July and then we’ll do a world tour in the new year.”

In related news, KISS manager Doc McGhee tells The Unwritable Rant podcast that he has no trouble envisioning KISS going on long beyond the time when Stanley and Gene Simmons are no longer performing. He explains that "as long as these kids walk out there and they have that makeup and they have that attitude and they have a great...visual show... This isn't 'Dark Side Of The Moon'. People didn't come here with their...headphones on to...have this musical experience. They came here to have fun, to see [stuff] blown up, people flying around. It's...Cirque Du Soleil. If you put nothing on stage but talent, they're going to...die. That's what KISS is — KISS is a way of life." 

STEVE MILLER:  Legendary rocker writing a memoir

Steve Miller is writing a memoir. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame tells Pollstar, "It’s the book everybody always thought I should do. When I was in college, I was going to be a writer and a teacher and a journalist. One semester of not having a band, I went, 'Nope, that’s not going to work for me. I got to play music.'

He adds, "I moved to New York about five years ago and I’ve fallen in with so many smart people and good writers. It’s just really a great place to be if you’re going to be doing this kind of work."

No word on when the book will be published.

Miller is also looking back over his music, preparing a 50th anniversary box set. He says, "We found all kinds of great tracks I forgot about. I’ve had a lot of help from my wife Janice, who’s been listening for months. She’s a very objective listener, whereas I’m not. My attitude is like, 'Hey, if I didn’t release it, it wasn’t any good. Believe me, if I had had one more song, I would have put it out.' That’s not real good for a retrospective."

Miller is also working on a documentary, a musical instruments gallery at New York's Metropolitan Museum and, with country great Marty Stuart, a show on early American music at Jazz at Lincoln Center.

Miller is down to the two last shows on the spring leg of his tour -- tomorrow (Saturday) in New Town, North Dakota, and next Sunday at Jazz Fest in New Orleans. The summer leg, with Peter Frampton opening, gets going June 12th in Evansville, Indiana.

LINDA RONDSTADT:  Debuts her 'Converstation' show

Linda Ronstadt began the next chapter of her performing career last Friday,  in her home state of Arizona.

Though Parkinson's robbed her singing voice, the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer has found a new platform to perform.

Her first A Conversation With Linda show is set for the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts in suburban Phoenix. The multi-media program combines Ronstadt's stories with videos, archival photos and a Q&A session. Sunday night, she'll bring it to the Fox Theater in her hometown, Tucson.

Ronstadt also has several Conversation shows lined up across California in September. (Vintage Vinyl News)

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