Goat runs amok, hangs out in bars

You know a goat is naughty when the local news report says “Normal goats usually don’t hang out at bars and get in standoffs with police.” Apparently, the goat, who the town police have dubbed Kevin, likes to hang out where the music is loud and the beer is cold.

Kevin started out slow with some complaints rolling in about him running loose, then he picked up steam. The wayward goat entered a bar and had to be removed, driven home, and placed under “house arrest.” How long he will abide by that is anyone’s guess. As for the standoff, Kevin was on the highway and refused to give himself up, so he was 'apprehended'.

Meanwhile, the local paper has been writing weekly articles about Kevin’s adventures, and there’s even a Facebook page dedicated to the billy’s misdeeds. Things might quiet down soon, as his owner is thinking about getting Kevin a girlfriend so he can be a family man.

Source: Oklahoma’s News 4

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