Pearl Jam Pays Tribute to Teachers With White Stripes Cover


Pearl Jam returned to Seattle this week for its first pair of shows in its hometown in five years.

It seems the entire city rallied behind the band's "Home Shows," which revolved around Pearl Jam's efforts to benefit the area's homeless population — the third largest in the country.

But frontman Eddie Vedder also took time during his acoustic break in the middle of the set Wednesday to recognize another often-forgotten population: teachers.

"As parents, we know that there's one part of the community and one job in particular...that deserves so much more notoriety than they receive," Vedder said. "There are those who teach our children and teach them well. We had the opportunity — we're very blessed to have some teachers that changed our kids' lives."

The singer then asked the audience of more than 47,000 to raise their hands if they ever had a teacher who changed their life. 

"See? That's just about every-f***in'-body," Vedder pointed out before a sea of raised hands.

He then recognized "two special teachers that my kids brought tonight" before introducing his version of The White Stripes' "We're Going to Be Friends."

See Vedder's speech and performance in the fan-shot video above.

About midway through the tune, Vedder's daughters lead their teachers out on stage. After some awkward dancing, Vedder finishes the tune, stands and asks the crowd to applaud for Seattle's teachers. 

As of Wednesday night's show, Pearl Jam had already raised $11 million dollars to get housing for people in-need in the area, according to local outlets. 

Photo: Getty Images

Watch Eddie Vedder Pay Tribute to Teachers With White Stripes Cover


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