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BOB SEGER:  Details out about his new album 

Bob Seger has shared some details about his album I Knew You When, which is due out November 17th.

The standard version comes with 10 tracks on vinyl and CD and the deluxe edition has 13 tracks on Cd and digitally. The album is dedicated to his friend Glenn Frey, but the song he wrote for the late Eagle, "Glenn Song," is only on the deluxe edition. Seger also pays tribute to Leonard Cohen by covering "Democracy."

Fans that pre-order the album at will get an instant download of the first single, "Busload of Faith."

I Knew You When track listing:

  1. "I Knew You When"
  2. "Gracile"
  3. "Busload of Faith"
  4. "The Highway"
  5. "I Knew You When"
  6. "I’ll Remember You"
  7. "The Sea Inside"
  8. "Marie"
  9. "Runaway Train"
  10. "Something More"
  11. "Democracy"
  12. "Forward Into The Past" (Deluxe Album only)
  13. "Blue Ridge" (Deluxe Album only)
  14. "Glenn Song" (Deluxe Album only)

TOM PETTY:  Long time friends speaking out 

Two of Tom Petty's close friends in the music business, Ringo Starr and Stevie Nicks, have recently offered new remembrances, while Robert Plant, who only met Petty a couple of times, also commented.

Starr, who kicked off an eight show residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas with his All-Starr Band over the weekend, says he was actually at a meeting in Vegas the day after the October 1st shootings when someone turned to him and said, "Tom Petty's dead. Oh my God! What else can go down?" Starr tells Billboard, "It was a shock. When you first hear it, it's like, 'What...?!' Like when I heard Elvis was dead; It's like, 'What?!' It has to sink in. It was very sad. That's all I can say, really. God Bless him and his family."

But he isn't actually done. He adds, "I'll miss Tom. Tom was a good friend. I played with Tom, Tom played with me. I got to know him over the years, really got to know him when he was in the [Traveling] Wilburys 'cause of George [Harrison]. All through my career we've lost really great friends, and people who aren't my friends, but were great musicians and writers. In our business we've lost them very young as well. But overall there's still a lot of us out there doing what we do."

As part of a longer reminiscence, Nicks tells Rolling Stone the story of the final show she ever did with Petty and the Heartbreakers. It took place at Hyde Park in London this July and was also the last time she saw Petty. She recalls rehearsing their duet on "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" in the dressing room, saying, "We went through it a couple of times. It was funny – you play a wrong chord, and everybody's eyes go straight up. We didn't know it as well as we thought we did."

She also recalls watching Petty's set from the side of the stage with Shania Twain and both of them singing along at the top of their lungs. She says she looks back on it as "a magical moment," with Twain getting "to stand there with me and watch my boys."

Asked by Billboard for his thoughts on Petty, Plant says, "It’s a tough call to ask a musician how they feel about another musician passing. It was premature, by far, and really a sad departure from all these musicians who brought so much pleasure to people -- and for his family to have to go through any kind of public show of grief or sentimentality is very difficult." He also recalls the difficulty Led Zeppelin had dealing with the loss of drummer John Bonham, who was just 32 years old when he passed away 37 years ago. "We were only kids then and there’s no amount of talking or paying respects that can bring anybody back, especially somebody who goes so sadly with so many years left to roll really."

BILLY JOEL, PINK:  Working together on a new song

Billy Joel and Pink: You wouldn't think of them as musical collaborators, but lately they've worked together on a new song.

Promoting her new album Beautiful Trauma in a Los Angeles Times interview, Pink says she tried over a decade to have the Piano Man write with her. But he always refused -- claiming he wasn't writing pop music anymore.

Things changed after she ran into Billy at a piano bar in the Bahamas. Pink recalls, "I bought a very good bottle of wine and sent him a glass. He came over and I said, 'You gonna write that song with me?' He said, 'OK, I’ll try it.' So several months ago I flew to Palm Beach with my brand new baby and we tried to write a song."

After their first session didn't go well, Billy told her, "Go home, pick out the best poem you’ve ever written and send it to me, and I’ll make you a song." The trouble is, when she got home, she didn't have anything ready to become lyrics. "All my poems are the worst pieces of trash I’ve ever seen in my life." So we'll have to wait to hear the end product.


Kevin Cronin and Dave Amato of REO Speedwagon, Jeff Pilson and Bruce Watson of Foreigner, and Jack Blades and Brad Gillis of Night Ranger will take part in the next Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, February 15th through the 18th in Los Angeles.

The first definitive history of the band War has been published. Author Bob Ruggiero’s book Slippin’ Out of Darkness profiles the Latino-funk group, whose classics include “Low Rider,” “The World Is a Ghetto” and “Why Can’t We Be Friends.”

Neil Young has released an animated video for the title track to Hitchhiker. Watch it on YouTube.

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