Tax Tips

Tax Apps Worth Checking Out 

If you’re doing your taxes yourself...good news! There are plenty of apps to help you.

A number of available apps can help make an often confusing tax process a little bit easier. The Turbotax tax Return App quickly files by taking pictures of your W-2 forms on any device and virtually connects to a specialist if you need additional help. 

'IRS2GO' is the official app of the Internal Revenue Service. Another online tax app, 'taxAct Express' provides personalized recommendations based on your tax situation.

If you have a simple return this year, the cost to file could be free, while more complicated filings will usually require some kind of fee. Since the average cost of letting a pro do your taxes is $275, apps are worth looking into! After all, you want as much money as possible to wind up BACK in your pocket.

Source: The Balance

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