Duran Duran's Simon Le Bon accused of 1995 sexual assault

DURAN DURAN:  Simon Le Bon accused of 1995 sexual assault

Duran Duran singer Simon Le Bon has been accused of sexual assault in an alleged incident that took place 23 years ago during an in-store autograph signing in Los Angeles.

The woman, who claims Le Bon fondled her buttocks and grabbed her genitals, says she isn't planning to file a suit and is not after money. Instead she wants Le Bon to admit to the alleged wrongdoing.

In a statement obtained by the Detroit Free Press, the woman said, "I decided that time's up. I want everyone to know what this man did to me." She added, "If he wants to make amends to me, I am open to it. But I am stopping the silence. #TimesUp."

An attorney for the woman claims her client almost had a sit-down with Le Bon, but it didn't happen.

The Detroit Free Press couldn't reach Le Bon's attorney for comment and left messages with Duran Duran's management company. (Detroit Free Press)

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PAT BENATAR:  Husband Neil Giraldo unvels new bourbon

Neil Giraldo has gotten into the spirits game.

Joining the likes of Bob Dylan, Sammy Hagar, Jimmy Buffett and Carlos Santana, the guitarist, songwriter and husband of Pat Benatar has just come out with Three Chord Blended Bourbon.

Giraldo says, “When I first began playing guitar, I understood the influence of three basic chords -- the roots of the blues -- and recognized that the beauty of the perfect melody, the arrangement of notes and vibrations of tones, could impact one’s mood and elicit powerful emotions. I also saw how drinks resting on our guitar amplifiers would vibrate and wondered if the implementation of sound and vibrations could also be used to alter and enhance the structure of a seasoned spirit. I wanted to take that same philosophy and apply it to making bourbon.”

To that end, Three Chord is a blend of up to 12-year old bourbons finished with his trademarked process of tonal vibrations called "Perfectly Tuned Taste." Neil says it's like the feeling you get when you hear that perfect song. "You'll know Three Chord Bourbon is right with that first sip."

Produced in Jackson, Michigan, a bottle will set you back $39.99 and is available at select locations in Michigan, New York, New Jersey and California.


WHITNEY HOUSTON:  Cissy Houston and Dionne Warwick take issue with documentary

Cissy Houston expresses "shock and horror" to the allegations that her daughter Whitney Houston was molested as a child.

In a statement to People magazine,Cissy and her cousin Dionne Warwick say they were not aware of Whitney documentary director Kevin Macdonald's claim that the singer was molested by Warwick's older sister Dee Dee until two days before the film was screened at Cannes.

They make it clear that the "sexual abuse experience is unimaginable. We make no attempt to minimize the pain, the trauma and perhaps lifelong damage to the psyche of abuse victims... By this statement we do not intend to defend, condone or excuse the crime of molestation."

Still, Warwick and Houston take issue with the film, which they call "invasive." Acknowledging that Whitney was "a public person," they deny that the "public has a right to know any and everything about her: She wasn’t running for office, asking for money or trying to win the right to run anyone’s life." They are disturbed by disclosures that her father stole money from her and by the molestation allegations. They add that "close confidante" Robyn Crawford betrayed Whitney "by publicizing rumors and hearsay." And Cissy denies that Dee Dee ever babysat for Whitney.

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