Neal Schon tries explain why he asked music critic to make a change

NEAL SCHON:  Explaining why he asked a music critic to make a change

Journey guitarist Neal Schon just can't leave well enough alone.

After asking the music critic of the Tampa Bay Times to change a published review to characterize a tribute to Aretha Franklin in Tampa Saturday as his doing rather than the band's, Schon now feels the need to explain himself.

Writing on Facebook, Schon says, "I simply wrote to address a few things. Yes hindsight is beautiful and should I have left it alone.... ? No because this is who I am now. Let’s just give credit where credit is do [sic]. It was a personal thing to me.

"Anyway he gave us all a great review with a few things that didn’t make total sense or (factual) so before he rewrote the (snarky) jabbing rebuttal, I had written him myself again trying to explain a few things of a factual nature and for him to try to wrap his head around my thoughts and inside information I'm sure he was not informed of..."

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