Mark Lindsay is recovering from a heart procedure

Mark Lindsay is the latest classic pop star to go on the disabled list.

The voice of Paul Revere and the Raiders classics such as "Kicks" and "Indian Reservation" as well as his own "Arizona" and "Silver Bird" posts on Facebook that he had a pacemaker implanted last Wednesday.

Lindsay, who is 76, admits feeling "a bit foggy, tired and out of breath on [the Happy Together] tour this summer, and I'd had a few dizzy episodes on stage." 

He underwent several tests once he returned home. Then, while heading to a hospital last week, he passed out, leading doctors to give him the implant.

On what he calls "a slightly side note, when the cardiologist introduced himself to me, he said it wasn’t the first time we’d met... In the 'small world' department, it turns out he played guitar in a band that opened for the Raiders in 1965." 

Since Mark will take it easy for the next six weeks, his Saturday show with Micky Dolenz at Iowa's Riverside Casino has been canceled.

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