Sting and Stewart Copeland reunite for BBC documentary

Stewart Copeland has always had a love-hate relationship with Sting, but he didn't let that get in the way when he booked his former Police bandmate as a guest for his new BBC show, What Is Music and Why?

Copeland says they got together for two hours for a talk "like we've never had before; we would argue about this particular song but not music in general."

He adds that the series is "about cognition and the evolutionary purpose of music and why it has this profound effect on us... In fact music is the only art form that can literally usurp motor control of our bodies and induce us to thrust our pudendum (genitals) in an overt, sexual display in public... Beyond that it has a spiritual thing; it's transcendent."

Copeland's other guests on the show include Patti SmithBobby McFerrin and director Francis Ford Coppola on how he uses music in film.

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