Rod Stewart and his wife chose between adopting a puppy or a child

Rod Stewart and his wife have learned that eight is enough.

The music legend and his wife considered adding another child to their family. But Penny Lancaster tells a British chat show they instead decided to get a puppy.

Appearing on Loose Women (a show modeled after The View and The Talk), Penny said their two sons were not thrilled by the idea -- and pushed for "getting a puppy instead." Lancaster also noted that there would have been a serious age gap between an infant and the boys, now eight and 12.

Penny Lancaster says she and Rod Stewart discussed adopting a child with their sons: [courtesy - ITV] 

"We'd even considered adopting, but having discussed it with the little ones, they said they love our little brood the way it is -- and there might have been too much of an age gap. So they're getting a puppy instead [laughs]."

Penny Lancaster says her family has the resources to adopt a child. [courtesy - ITV] 

Host: "Would Rod have been up for adopting? 'Cause he's got quite a few children. He's got how many now? Eight?

Penny: "Eight altogether, but you know, we're fortunate to have a big house. There's a spare room, extra love and funds that families need these days. And, we thought, 'Why not?' Give another child that needs [fades]."

For the newest member of their household, the Stewarts chose a Labradoodle, a cross between a Labrador and a poodle.

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