The Rembrandts are back with a new album

The Rembrandts have just released their first new album in 18 years.

The duo of Danny Wilde and Phil Solem are best known for the Friends theme "I'll Be There for You." Though they haven't had a song with similar impact since, Danny says they never broke up and have been creating music since collaborating with Songwriters Hall of Fame inductee Allee Willison what some consider the last great TV theme of the '90s.

Danny Wilde updates us on The Rembrandts:

"Well, we haven't been gone. We've been flying under the radar for, I guess, about 18 years. But Phil and I, we work all the time, we write all the time, we record all the time. That's Phil Solem, my partner in The Rembrandts. And we finally got to the point where our coffers were just overflowing with recorded material. And we started to assemble a record."

The duo finished recording Via Satellite several years ago. But Wilde says finalizing the track list turned out to be a difficult process.

"It ended up going through about three or four different stages, different incarnations. As we would write more songs, we'd, you know, kick a couple of songs off the album that we thought was finished. Via Satellite's been finished for about five years -- but in different stages. So, 'How Far Would You Go' was the last thing we actually wrote. And so something else had to go off the album, 'cause we just loved the song so much. And before we turned around and got a record deal, 18 years had passed. So, there you go."

The Rembrandts don't have any shows for late summer or the fall. But they will co-star on next winter's Sail Across the Sun cruise, which departs Miami on February 14th.

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