The Who had major issues with their New York show this week

The Who's Moving On! tour literally hit a wall when it pulled into Jones Beach just outside New York City on Sunday night.

The amphitheater sits on the Atlantic Ocean and the show was plagued by humidity messing with the equipment. Also, the sound bouncing off the high bleachers created an echo that caused problems for Pete Townshend who said, I hope you’re enjoying yourselves because it sounds like [crap]."

But it got worse when the PA system cut out. Townshend blamed the crabs, adding that "that’s what happens when you put a rock venue in the sea!!” But the sound came back in less than five minutes, until it went out again. That time the band left the stage until it was resolved.

Afterwards they found out that the PA outages were caused by a faulty UPS power supply that is supposed to prevent these types of problems.

When the show resumed, Townshend asked, “Who am I? Where am I? What do I do for a living?!?”

While the rest of the show could be heard, it wasn't without more problems such as missed cues and Townshend having problems with his hands -- “It’s not old age, it’s not arthritis, my fingers just don’t work tonight”

The tour moves back indoors tonight (Wednesday) when it plays the State Farm Arena in Atlanta.

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