Robert Plant is saying 'no' to any memoir

Robert Plant could utilize his Digging Deep podcast when it comes to releasing music from the archives, but he is saying ‘no’ to a memoir.

In Classic Rock magazine Plant says, "I’ve got stuff that I did in New Orleans with the Li’l Band O’ Gold and Allen Toussaint. I’ve done so many things. I’ve got a whole album, Band of Joy II, that I did with Buddy Miller and Patty Griffin. I’ve got stuff everywhere. So it might be a good way to gather some pretty powerful stuff and just eke it out there. … It’s not just about stuff that came out through the normal channels.”

Here are Plant’s thoughts on a memoir: “Everything that I’ve got between my ears, or between my legs, is my business and nobody else’s," says Plant. "I know too many things, and when I finally depart this mortal coil, I don’t want my family to think that I was some kind of weirdo. … So I keep it hid. One of the tracks off my last record is about just that – ‘Keep It Hid.' And that’s what you have to do.”

Plant did take part in compiling the 2018 book, Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin, an illustrated history of the band.

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