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Elton John's memoir 'Me' is out in paperback

The paperback edition of Elton John's memoir, Me, is now available in the U.S. two weeks after it was published in his native England.

Released today, the paperback version of Elton’s memoir contains a bonus chapter that updates Elton’s life since the hardcover was first published last October.

Among items covered is the success of his film, Rocketman, his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, and his issues with Rod Stewart.

Elton who affectionately calls Rod as “Phyllis”, Rod calls Elton “Sharon,” is upset with Stewart for saying Elton’s tour is “dishonest” and that retiring is “not rock ’n’ roll.”

Elton hopes to resume said tour next September in Europe followed by the U.S, in 2022.

Elton talked about what he wants people to come away with when they read his memoir:

"I want them to take away the fact that I've loved what I've given -- everything -- a 150% all the time. Sometimes it hasn't been the best, but most of the time it's been pretty good. And to feel that they know me, they can laugh with me, they can cry me. I'm just human and I've made a lot of terrible mistakes. Fame is not easy. And I was very happy to be on stage and that was where I felt safest. But when I came off stage I was still stuck with a little boy that was very insecure and shy before he became famous. So I had a lot of work to do to catch up with that. So I hope that people take away the fact that I've tried my best to be a good person. I think I've fulfilled that in the last few years after my sobriety and that's all I hope for."

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]

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