Queen's Roger Taylor says new live album is 100% live

Roger Taylor says Queen's latest concert album, and first with Adam Lambert -- Live Around the World -- is indeed 100% live.He says the video component provides viewers with a "religious experience."

Roger says,"There's not one single piece of overdubbing. It's all absolutely real as it happened on the night. I can swear to that. Aside from the pseudo religious experience of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders from behind, it's all totally real. Obviously we picked what we thought were good performances, but also we had to think of the DVD because we wanted it to be great visually as well so we needed good cameras. But we had so much material to pick from, it wasn't difficult [to choose which performances to include]."

And, no doubt Taylor, being the drummer, had the best seat in the house when they played in Dallas last year and the Cowboy cheerleaders took the stage during "Fat Bottomed Girls."

Roger talks about Queen+Adam Lambert being joined on stage last year in Dallas by the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders:

"There's a great line that Adam says -- 'Ain't no beauty queens in this locality.' And then he turns around and says, 'Well that's not really true, is it?' Yeah, there were 37 beauty queens in perfect synchronization, yeah. It was quite a sight from behind. No fat bottomed girls there. It's nice. It's great. Boy, they were fantastic." 

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]