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Paul McCartney opens up about 'McCartney III" album

Paul McCartney's new album, McCartney III, is out today and Sir Paul is talking about his inspiration behind it.

Just like McCartney in 1970 and 1980's McCartney II, McCartney played all the instruments and did all the vocals on this latest album.

Paul talked about what led him to record McCartney III:(courtesy of BBC Radio 6 Music)

"I didn't know I was making an album and that really makes a difference. 'Cause, I just went in, and, as I say I had this little bit of film music -- the guy was making a film for me -- [and] he wanted a little bit of intro music and then a little bit of credits, a little instrumental, so I had to go and do that. I thought, 'Well, that's okay. That's serious. Now I can mess around.'"

He also commented on the material on McCartney III and that moment he knew he had made an album: (courtesy of BBC Radio 6 Music)

"Most of it's new stuff. There's one or two that I hadn't finished and because I was able to get in the studio I thought, 'Well, okay, wait a minute. What about that one? Let's have a look at that.' And then when I'd done them all I sort of looked at them and I was going, 'I don't know what I'm gonna do with this? Is this a new album or something?' And then it suddenly hit me, 'No, this is McCartney III. You've done it all yourself like the others.'”

The album begins with "Long Tailed Winter Bird" and ends with "Winter Bird/When Winter Comes." Both songs came out of of an unreleased song McCartney cut with producer George Martin back in the '90s.

McCartney III will be released to fans on vinyl, streaming and on limited-edition exclusive red vinyl on Jack White's Third Man Records. 

McCartney's last album was 2018's Egypt Station.

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]

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