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Paul McCartney talks about his career and John Lennon on CBS Sunday Morning

Paul McCartney made an appearance on CBS Sunday Morning to promote his new album McCartney III and the rock ‘n roll legend recalled his six-decade musical career.

Many of his comments were on the enduring nature of many songs he’s written and his thoughts about the late John Lennon 40 years after his death.

McCartney talked about the enduring nature of The Beatles songs he wrote with Lennon: "I remember when I was a kid, when The Beatles were first starting, and I remember my cousin saying to me, 'Do you think any of your songs are ever going to be standards?' And I remember saying, 'Yeah.' I didn't know, I guessed. But I just had a feeling that some of the stuff that we were writing was pretty memorable."

Paul opened up about his songwriting structure in a comment, especially with his classic "Maybe I'm Amazed”:

"Something to do with the structure of the song. There... no spare stuff that shouldn't be in there. It's the exact amount of stuff that should be on that record. Well, I am amazed... it keeps going. I'm amazed... 'Maybe I'm Amazed'."

McCartney talked about still dealing with John Lennon’s death:

"It's very difficult for me. And I occasionally will have thoughts and sort of say, 'Why don't I break down crying, every day?' 'Cause it's that bad. There will be times when I just, you know, have memories and just think, 'Oh, my God.' Oh, it's just so senseless."

[courtesy of Classic Hits Today]

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