KISS does their best Fab Four impression in newly resurfaced video

The Beatles obviously influenced an entire generation of artists—including KISS. A resurfaced 1974 appearance by KISS on ABC In Concert shows the guys in the band mimicking Fab Four's stage moves.

Just a few of the moves on the newly resurfaced video include Gene Simmons doing his best John Lennon impression.Sharing a single microphone, Paul Stanley and Ace Frehley shake their heads from side to side while singing in the style of Paul McCartney.

The guys also lined up the same way on stage as The Beatles die with Simmons playing bass on the left (like McCartney), Stanley playing rhythm guitar on the right as Lennon did, while Frehley plays lead guitar in the middle the same way George Harrison did.

Check out the fun on YouTube.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]