Melissa Manchester reworks another of her songs

Melissa Manchester is back with a fresh new take on her song “Fire in the Morning,” a ballad from 1980 and a fan favorite at her shows over the years.

The song wasn’t a huge radio hit but the song touched Melissa’s fans and she decided to rework the song after fan requests and interest.

Melissa said, "We frequently get requests for this song; and by the time I get it, I haven't rehearsed it, so I don't often sing it. You know, maybe I'll sing a few bars of it. But this turned out to be very sweet and very lovely. And my 'Fan-chesters' are so dear, they're like a village of sweet aunts and uncles [laughs]. They don't admonish me nut they say, you really need to try this or really, really do this. This would be fun."

As the pandemic conditions continue to ease, Melissa say she’ll again have access to the studio she’s used over the years.

She said, "There are two more I still have to record because when I was in the midst of recording all of these songs, then the studio down at Citrus College, where I am artist-in-residence, was shut down. So, now things are opening up and because this is a college and the student is a teaching facility, I have to make myself amenable to their schedule. And I sure they are so backed up."

[Source :Classic Hits Today]