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Duran Duran fans get a new biography on the legendary group

The new Duran Duran biography ‘Please Please Tell Me Now’ has been published. The book follows the legendary band fronted by Simon LeBon and their meteoric rise to stardom on the radio and MTV.

Rock journalist Stephen Davis says he believes now is the perfect time for the book. He says it’s "the story of five English teenagers who followed their dreams and became the biggest band in the world."

Duran Duran also rocketed to fame after they wrote and recorded one of the most loved of all the James Bond movie themes, “A View To A Kill.”

Journalist Stephen Davis gave his overview of the book. He said, "Please, Please, Tell Me Now -- The Duran Duran Story. It is the first complete and definitive biography of Duran Duran, a quintessential '80s band, but still active today with a new record out an a tour coming up pretty soon."

He also discussed why the book is a “must read” for Duran Duran fans:

"The book has the story behind every video -- because this was the first video band. It has the story behind every song, exclusive interviews with the guys in Duran Duran. Lots of critical insights -- the first boy band who wore a lot of makeup on television. Who wore so much makeup they made David Bowie look like Levon Helm."

Duran Duran’s videos were critical to their success. Davis recalls the days when only parts of a few cities actually had cable TV. Those areas that did have cable picked up on Duran Duran much earlier than those who discovered the band listening to the radio.

Davis talked about how Duran Duran really symbolized MTV’s influence in the 80’s:

"I think it was Houston, Texas, that half the city was wired for cable, the other half weren't. And all of a sudden, the radio stations were inundated with calls from the kids whose family had cable, saying, 'We want to hear this band. We want to hear this band called Duran Duran. So, this was this first had ever happened in American media."

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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