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Ringo Starr wants to 'Change the World'

Ringo Starr has just released a new video for "Let's Change the World" from his latest EP, ‘Change the World.’

The video was put together as a collaboration with Kids in the Spotlight, a non-profit agency that provides a platform for youth in foster care to tell their stories via film.The children write, cast and star in their own short films. The program is designed to help them lay the groundwork for future employment opportunities.

Ringo talked about things that need to be done to change the world:

"We have t make sure there'll be oxygen for them 20 years from now. Make sure there's water 20 years from now. Make sure we can all survive and make sure that people start looking after the planet like we should be and not chopping every tree down. You know, and I think the weather is a big indication of where we're at right now. There's more fires. There's more storms. The world's on fire and the other half is under water. I mean, let's look at it straight here and decide to do something."

Ringo also talked about who can help implement change in the world:

"I can do my bit. I can do peace and love and try and spread that. But, you know, we need all the political parties to not think of themselves today and think of the world."

The Kids in the Spotlight children also held a zoom chat with Ringo Starr and discussed the program’s concept and shared some of their ideas.

Ringo was and the children were joined in the video by Steve Lukather from Ringo’s All-Star Band, along with fellow Toto member Joseph William, who co-wrote “Let’s Change the World” with Steve.

Joining Ringo and the kids in the video is Steve Lukather who co-wrote the song with his Toto bandmate, Joseph Williams.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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