Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

Big 95 Morning Show with Dewayne Wells

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Styx is continues their 50th anniversary celebration

While Styx celebrates their 50th anniversary, before their show Tuesday night in Tallahassee, Florida, the band posed with a sheet cake, champagne and balloons in celebration of the signing of their first record contract -- with Wooden Nickel Records -- on February 22nd, 1972.

The cake showed a picture of the current band lineup along with the words "Styx -- 50 years and still rocking!"

Premiere Networks' Sal Cirrincione, aboard last week's Rock Legends Cruise, asked Styx if they would do anything special to mark the 50th anniversary of the signing of their first record contract:

Sal said, "Anything special planned to celebrate whether it be releases, a special show of any kind, anything?"

Todd Sucherman replied: "We're having a cake,” and Tommy Shaw added"Ice cream cake."

Styx guitarist James "JY" Young, along with part-time bassist Chuck Panozzo are the only two members left who signed that original contract in 1972. Young said it wasn't ice cream, but adds that it was "very good."

Styx is continuing to tour this year. Here’s to more decades from one of the biggest rock ‘n roll bands of all time.

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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