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Valerie Bertinelli guests on Wolfgang Van Halen's radio show

Valerie Bertinelli joined son Wolfgang Van Halen last week on ‘Wolfgang's Top of the Pack’ on SiriusXM's Classic Rewind channel.

In backselling Led Zeppelin's "Dazed and Confused," Valerie recalled how she thought the song was actually "Dave and Confused" in reference to David Lee Roth.

Valerie said, "When I first would watch the shenanigans that happens, I was new to watching a band and how they worked with each other… So I would notice when -- your dad had a saying called LSD, when Dave went on his little LSD rant, which is short for Lead Singer Disease. And then you'd see the crew kind of get scared and do everything, and everyone was, like, 'It's 'Dave and Confused' time.' And you just hear when someone goes [hums opening notes of 'Dazed and Confused'], just walking down a hall. And we're, like, 'Oh, God. Okay, we have to be careful,' and we'd start walking on eggshells."

Wolfie also shared a story about Roth, saying, "In 2015, [Dave] fired the video director because he wouldn't film his feet well enough."

Valerie said: "Thought I was gonna marry him before I met your dad."

Wolfgang said: "That wouldn't have worked."

Valerie sid: "No. No it wouldn't of. But I still love and adore him and I think he's brilliant. And then eventually I was able to meet him with your dad. And he definitely liked your dad more than me. He was so sweet. I just absolutely adore Elton John."

Valerie once portrayed Elton in a 1976 episode of the sitcom One Day at a Time when she and Mackenzie Phillips, who played her sister on the TV classic, did the Elton and Kiki Dee song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart."

[Source: Classic Hits Today]

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