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Jon Bon Jovi opens up about vocal cord surgery

Jon Bon Jovi has revealed that he underwent major surgery on his vocal cords two years ago, and that he is still recovering from it. 

The singer made the revelation during the Pollstar Live! conference last Wednesday, where he was honored with the Humanitarian of the Year award for his JBJ Soul Foundation, which operates community restaurants and provides affordable housing for people in need. 

Bon Jovi explained that he had a condition called vocal cord atrophy, which means that one of his vocal cords was weakened and shrunk, affecting his voice quality and range. He said that he had never experienced anything like this before, and that it was a difficult road to recovery. 

He said that he found a doctor in Philadelphia who performed a procedure called medialization, which involves moving the damaged vocal cord to the middle and inserting a plastic implant to help it function normally. He said that he has been in rehab for the last two years, trying to regain his voice and confidence. 

He also said that he sang four songs at the MusiCares tribute last Friday night, which was the first time he performed since the surgery. He said that he was very nervous, but he was happy with the outcome. He added that he has a brand-new record that he is very excited about, but he is not sure if he will be able to tour again. He said that he wants to celebrate his music, but only if he can do it at the level that he is used to. 

Bon Jovi's fans and critics have noticed a change in his voice over the years, especially during his 2022 tour, where he struggled to hit some high notes and sounded hoarse at times. Some speculated that he had vocal nodules or polyps, which are common among singers who strain their voice. However, Bon Jovi's condition was more serious and rare, and required a more complex intervention. 

Jon's fans and peers have expressed their support and admiration for him and wished him a speedy and full recovery. They have also praised him for his honesty and courage in sharing his story, and for his dedication to his music and his causes. 

[Source: Classic Hits Today] 

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